Snow Management

Heavy snowing is problematic; shoveling it off is even more of a pain.
We understand the difficulty and hence aim to help manage snow that accumulates.
We offer extensive snow management services. Our snow management services include the following features:

24-Hour on Call

With climate patterns becoming more and more extreme, it is becoming more imperative to be prepared for whatever the weather can throw at you. Specifically, for winter conditions, TECA offers an unparalleled, comprehensive, 24-hour, on-call snow management service to ensure the safest of conditions during the dreariest of months.  With important obligations appointments and work schedules that do not change due to inclement weather, we ensure that residents can safely come and go from their homes to meet these commitments without interference.

TECA offers snow plowing services for main roads in strata complexes and main roads/parking lots on commercial sites. Our snow clearing technique uses trucks with a plow attached to the front to push and pull snow towards the side of the road so vehicles can safely pass through.We track weather patterns so our plows can be the first on-site to clear the accumulating snow.

Our comprehensive de-icing service caters small or larger customers. For commercial properties, our areas of application include parking lots and public walkways/entryways.