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A recruitment management consulting firm that specializes in driving efficiency & scalability in talent acquisition.

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We support growing organizations by implementing streamlined and innovative processes and systems. We’ll structure your overall talent acquisition strategy to ensure you meet your business hiring objectives.

Drive Process<br />
Drive Process

Create Headcount Models
Create Headcount Models

Build Talent Acquisition Reporting
Build Talent Acquisition Reporting

Recruitment Marketing Strategy & Execution
Recruitment Marketing Strategy & Execution

Evaluate Recruitment Trends
Evaluate Recruitment Trends

Assess Recruitment Technology
Assess Recruitment Technology

Recruiting On Demand

Lean on us to identify and assign a talented recruitment
team to achieve your hiring targets. Recruiting On Demand
is a simple and affordable solution built to scale with
your business needs.


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  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Financial Services


``I cannot say enough great things about 360 Talent Avenue. Lacey took over our recruiting team and function, put the right infrastructure in place, hired an entirely new team, built reporting and process, and turned around the performance. She did all of this in just about one month. I have been continually astonished at her intelligence, integrity, personal ownership, and ability to get stuff done. I highly recommend Lacey and would be happy to personally discuss with anyone who is considering her for an engagement.``
Max Veggeberg

Chief Executive Officer
HomeWorks Energy

``360 Talent Avenue is innovative and forward-thinking. Excellent partner in building recruitment marketing solutions for growing businesses. Metrics-driven leadership poises this company for unwavering success. I'd recommend 360 Talent Avenue to even my most trusted colleagues!``
Cory Kapner

Vice President, Global Sales & Partnerships

``360 Talent Avenue demonstrates outstanding management experience and the ability to effectively scale recruiting functions. Lacey led a recruiting function that filled over 100 positions per week through the hiring and development of a great internal team, construction of efficient talent acquisition processes, intelligent investment in recruitment technology, and thoughtful deployment of third party recruiting resources to supplement the internal team. I cannot recommend 360 Talent Avenue highly enough as a recruiting partner for a growing business!``
Rob Shneer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
HR Pals

``I have had the pleasure of working with Lacey Menchen for over 8 years. She has extensive knowledge in talent acquisition and has the unique ability to see around corners anticipating all situations. Lacey is a high level leader, she possesses strong communication and motivation skills which results in an elevated production of her team. 360 Talent Avenue is professional at all times and has effective solutions to address talent acquisition challenges.``
Chet Haigh

Vice President of Development and Compliance
Nexus Contingent Workforce

``I have worked closely with Lacey in two different organizations and I would love to work with 360 Talent Avenue again. She is a sharp, deeply knowledgeable, and solutions-focused talent acquisition professional who operates with a sense of urgency. She has delivered truly impressive results in both quickly scaling large organizations as well as swiftly building a high performing recruiting organization in a mid-sized company from the ground up. I highly recommend Lacey and 360 Talent Avenue and would gladly be a reference.``
Jason Zink

Senior Vice President of Operations
HomeWorks Energy

``There are recruiters, and then there are business partners in recruiting. Lacey is, and always leads, the latter. It's not about quotas and headcount, it's about building a great team and achieving real goals. I've worked with Lacey in different capacities and have always been impressed. I'm so glad to see her running the 360 Talent Avenue organization, and you can trust her to build your business too! ``
Mike Terry


`` Lacey Menchen is a recruiting dynamo. Having worked with recruiting leaders for many disruptive fast-paced companies, I've seen it all. Lacey is a shining light of what it means to attract high-caliber people to the companies she supports. Her passion for talent acquisition is undeniable, her energy is off the charts, and her results speak for themselves. Lacey is responsible for finding more top performers in the renewable energy space than anyone in the industry. I saw her continue her dominance while she helped to build the largest residential solar installer in the US. Lacey is a recruiting leader that doesn't forget what it means to be in the recruiter chair. She works side-by-side with her teams and they excel because of it. It is with great confidence that I enthusiastically recommend 360 Talent Avenue to any business leader that is looking for a true recruiting hero that will make your company stronger than it's ever been before! ``
Billy Samoa Saleebey

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