Summit Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention Training, Investigation
and Consultation Services

Organizations, retail stores and businesses increasingly seek to efficiently protect their material and intangible assets every single day, just like their human resources. Today, it is necessary to rely on the provision of security and prevention services, which can mitigate the risks of possible losses, as well as protect and guard the assets and lives of the people involved.


Summit Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention Training, Investigation
and Consultation Services

Your Reliable Loss Prevention Experts
At Summit Loss Prevention, we provide your organization critical management training seminars and advisory services, perform risk assessments of fire/life/safety and security preparedness, monitor the safety of your internal and external environments, conduct investigative loss reviews, and provide assistance to minimize liability concerns. In short, Summit has the know-how and front-line expertise to keep you informed, and keep your organization safe and secure.


Summit Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention Training, Investigation
and Consultation Services

Corporate Loss Prevention / Asset Protection Programs and Services
Loss Control and Security are necessary components of a complete business development strategy. Its essential components – including workplace risk assessment, planning, prevention, and safety protocols – benefit your business. Remember, an attitude that puts safety first is good for everyone, including employers, employees and customers. Our Loss Control Services team consists of Security and Asset Protection professionals who work with you to evaluate your operations, procedures and programs. We then help minimize risks, deter unwanted incidents, and eliminate losses to ensure that your businesses continue smooth and profitable operations. Our Loss Prevention Programs are tailored to your needs to ensure a safe, secure and productive work environment.

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Being in the business since 2004, Summit Loss Prevention Consulting has helped companies prevent and recover millions of dollars in losses under the leadership of Tony Jarana. We implement result-driven strategies to boost your loss prevention programs and save you valuable money from day one. Get a team of experts and specialists to work on your loss prevention program without hiring a single full-time senior-level LP executive.
From large industrial corporations to start-up retail businesses, we have hands-on experience to fulfil your security and safety needs. We also provide litigation and investigative support for legal and insurance offices.

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Gain access to carefully curated seminars on loss prevention by the company’s CEO, Tony Jarana. Our training and workshops expertly prepare your professionals in multiple areas, including Active Shooter Training, illegal narcotics usage and trends among employees, appropriate hiring standards, sexual harassment avoidance, and many other pertinent work topics.

Tony also offers free, and super affordable talks on safety and security topics, including safe business travel practices, domestic security recommendations, contractor safeguards, and other topical items.

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