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Why You Need the Top Process
Servers For Your Case

AA Process Server is a full-service process server company based out of Dallas, Texas. We are the most reliable and effective process servers in Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding area as well as Texas.

Our process servers can handle your process service for all types of legal documents including family court documents, divorce papers, summons and complaints, writs, subpoenas, notices, citations, petitions, discovery documents, evictions, motions, landlord/tenant notices, restraining orders, protective orders, and any other legal document. When subjects to be served are difficult to find, we incorporate investigations such as skip tracing so we can locate their whereabouts.

Our Process Servers are licensed and experienced professionals who ensure that your legal documents are delivered quickly and diligently because we know how important your case is to you.

We offer process serving services to all types of clients including lawyers, insurance companies, corporations, government entities, and pro se’s at competitive prices.

We work closely with the Texas legal community and we strive to ensure client satisfaction. We take great pride in our work to help uphold due process.