Get Car Service


Get Car Service

Fixed Prrice

Our prices may vary on how many miles you’re traveling. There is no set price for every single ride. If you are looking to go far, the price will obviously be higher. When renting our servicesinside the city limit, it will be 70 dollars for each hour. Once done making the reservation, call our number and we will set a price that feels comfortable and reasonable.

Fee & Tips

Our services include us waiting 1 hr for customers to arrive with no extra charge. Anything beyond those minutes will result in 30 dollars each hour. Tips aren’t mandatory but are accepted.

Luxury Cars

We guarantee you full satisfaction and make sure you are happy with your ride.
Refunds can be talked about with you and the driver and it depends on how far the driver has traveled.

Nationwide ride
No-Smoking & Clean Zone

smoking is not acceptable on your form of transportation for many health and safety reasons. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself but let the driver know what he can do to help. It’s not a problem at all. We are here to make sure you have the time of your life and are comfortable.




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