MID-SOUTHSANITIZING use a convenient safe and 100% natural method that sanitizes any item in
Daycares, Schools, Nursing Homes, Physician Offices, Churches And Office Buildings.

The only Residential and Commercial Spray Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Deodorizing Spraying Service brought to you by MID-SOUTHSANITIZING. It’s the next generation in germ-free, fragrance-free, allergen-free, safe and effective Hospital Grade Disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses.

What Is Electrostatic

By better understanding the chemistry and physics behind the sprayers you will better understand the effectiveness of our service.

Electrostatic spraying is a coating method which produces electrically charged droplets.

These electrically charged droplets work against gravity in order to make a strong bind and create complete and absolute coverage to every square inch of your treated area.

The induction charged particle droplets WRAP AROUND tough to reach areas and penetrate deep into cracked and non-solid surfaces giving coverage normal spray and wipe methods cannot offer.

There is NO CROSS-CONTAMINATION when treating with sprayers. Conventional spray and wipe techniques can create more of a problem by touching infected materials. With spraying, we make zero bodily surface contact eliminating the threat of cross-contamination.


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