Strong Mind & Strong Will.

Providing seamless legal services to all small law firms.

Litigation. Trials. Appeals.

Freelance Legal Services.

Expert freelance legal services achieving results in the client’s favor.


With over 30 years of experience, I am dedicated to providing seamless services to all small law firms that include litigation, trial preparation, and appeal.

At HFDiazLaw, I aim to fight persistently for your rights and provide extraordinary representation to victims of all types of damages. I wish to continue to be directed by my desire to help clients in distressing repercussions and to handle critical cases and situations.



Trial Preparation

I look at all cases as potential trials and are prepared from the get-go, which offers more favorable pre-trial settlements.


I provide professional litigation support with experience in protecting clients and solving unusual complexities.


I carefully examine and review the entire record comprising trial transcripts, evidentiary materials, and motions to determine the basis for the appeal.

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