About Fundenomics

With over 20 years of experience, our concierges have the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Fundenomics Financial we understand the meaning of small business. Fundenomics Financial is a small business headquartered in Atlanta Ga. and understands there’s nothing small in small businesses. Unlock the future at Fundenomics Financial, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

As a customer-driven loan company, you are our main focus. We are
not motivated by sales, but by providing concierge-quality assistance
for all your business needs.

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What We Offer

Small Business Loans

A merchant business cash advance is designed for businesses that accept payments for goods and services via credit card machines.

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Merchant Services

Fundenomics Financial offers secure and reliable merchant accounts, coupled with dependable 24/7 customer service.

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What is a merchant cash advance?

Merchant cash advances are a quick and easy way for small and mid-size businesses to get the working capital they need. We purchase a set amount of the merchant’s future credit card receivables at a discount and take a small percentage of the daily credit card transactions in return for the advance.

How much will it cost to apply?

There is no fee to see how much you qualify for.

How much does my business qualify for?

You can qualify for up to your monthly credit card volume.

How do I repay the merchant cash advance?

We take a small percentage of your daily transactions to repay the advance. This is what merchants find most attractive about our program; you payback based on your own cash flow. We also deduct from your business bank account if you’re not accepting credit cards.

I already have a merchant cash advance with another provider. Can I still apply?

Sure, we will pay off your balance out of the funding amount, and you will receive the remainder.

Is there a prepayment penalty?

Since this is not a loan, there are no penalties of any kind. You can settle the account at any time by paying off the balance.

I have very bad credit. Can I still get approved?

While credit history does have a role in underwriting, our merchant advances are not based on credit. We look at other factors, such as the type of business and length of time in business, bankruptcy closed tax lien, judgments, and foreclosures. Those with bad credit can still get approved provided that the proper documentation is approved.

What do I need to qualify for at least one of your programs?

To qualify for any of our programs, you will need the following:

Minimum $10,000 a Month in Credit Card Processing or Cash-Based Businesses
No Unresolved Bankruptcies
Minimum 90 Days in Business
Current with Business Rent or Mortgage

Do I have to switch my credit card processing account?

No, you do not have to switch your merchant account to ours. We also offer an ACH/debit program.

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