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Cannabis-derived products are becoming legal in one way or another.
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Cannabis businesses in every sector
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We are here to help clients in every situation.For us,
it doesn’t matter if you are struggling with regulatory requirements
or are searching for a custom cannabis business plan.

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EDEFI is a Cannabis consulting firm providing solutions to farmers and nurseries growing marijuana and hemp plants. Whether you do home gardening or produce cannabis on a large scale, you will always find us ready for your assistance. From hemp farmers to startups struggling to understand the prevailing laws, operating in the Cannabis industry can be overwhelming. To avoid such troubles and losses, our professionals provide specialized solutions for your needs and do the utmost to devise a plan that ensures long-term success.


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If you are a Cannabis farmer in search of consultancy, or just wanted to know more about the Trillion dollars’ industry Cannabis industry, we are here to help.

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We regularly analyze the developing industry practices and trends to bring you current up-close hands-on information, before it becomes mainstream.

Things to consider when starting a Cannabis Business.

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Different Reasons Why People Use Cannabis.

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cannabis.

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Cannabis consists of CBD that is a chemical that primarily affects the brain, making it work better without causing psychoactive effects like THC. Over time, the consumption of CBD based…

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