Personal Training section:

It’s time that you had a friend to help you on your fitness journey. At Cleveland Athletix we are 100% invested in your physical and mental health while assisting you on your journey of reaching your fitness goals.

What to Expect : Your session will be tailored to meet your individual goals. We want to give you a blend of what you want mixed with a little of what you need. Whether you are preparing for an athletic event, trying to shed a few pounds, or trying to improve your overall health we can help you move in the right direction.

Our preliminary focus for your training session will be centered on 3 pillars to success.

  • Assess-We will review your physical needs and individual goals
  • Game Plan-Now that we have our goals it’s time to set a progressive game plan to get you started
  • Take off- the game plan has been implemented and we are on our way to victory!

For everyone: Our goal is to make sure that we have personal training options for everyone’s needs and budget! We offer multiple personal training options.

We offer: Individual, Partner, Small group, and Large group training to meet the needs of our clients.

Corporate Wellness:

Your company depends on a healthy and happy workforce to be productive and sustainable. To ensure that your employees stay happy and healthy, it is essential to promote a culture that emphasizes health prevention and wellness. Creating a positive healthy culture can ensure a great return on investment (ROI) for the employer. The benefits to workplace wellness programs are:

  • Lower health care costs
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Achieve higher employee productivity
  • Reduce worker’s compensation & disability-related costs
  • Reduce injuries
  • Improve employee morale & loyalty
  • Adds a highly-desired employee benefit

As wellness consultants, it is our job to organize programs that will create a culture that will promote living a healthy lifestyle as well as lowering employer health care costs. We will offer:

  • Onsite fitness services
  • Mini health Fairs
  • Biometric screenings
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Outdoor activities and employee sports league

Boxing & Kickboxing:

Are you ready for an amazing workout? You will love our boxing and kickboxing classes. They are fat burning, sweat-dripping, and gratifying that will leave you wanting more. Boxing and kickboxing are combative sports that we combine with our fitness knowledge and actual competitive background of combative sports to give you a class that will get you in great shape and teach you how to defend yourself.