Tracing & Releasing tension from Body and Mind.

Release Body Tension

Massages remove muscle tension by stretching the body and increasing tissue elasticity.

Helps You Relax

Massages can help you sleep, as they trigger the release of serotonin, which helps you feel calm.

Improves Immune System

Regular massages help you alleviate stress, and naturally increase the cytotoxic capacity of your body, improving the immune system overall.

Hello! I’m Ilham

I am a fully qualified and registered Raynor Massage Therapist.

Raynor Massage will relax you, both physically and emotionally, as well as allow you to release tension. After considerable research, I chose Raynor massage for precisely this reason; I wanted to find a way to help people holistically, both their body and mind.

My Story

Your Body is Telling You What it Wants

Reduce Stress and Fatigue

The Raynor Naturopathic massage technique recognises that the emotional and mental state of a person is linked to their physical being, and that both have an effect on each other. This means that if a person accumulates physical fatigue or mental stress, it affects the person as a whole.

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Help you Relax

Massages are inherently calming, and Raynor’s massage incorporates a long-term technique for relaxation. Promoting wellness spiritually and physically, the effects of a massage session do not dissipate after a while, but improve both body and spirit as a whole. This helps improve lives as well as day-to-day activities.

Headache Relief and Muscle Tension

Through focusing on specific areas of the body, such as the head, feet, hips, hands, abdomen, and back, an immediate invigorative effect can be felt, as these areas are mostly the culprits regarding high stress, aches, and muscle tension.

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You can contact me in the following ways

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I make myself available whenever I can, so do not hesitate to call regarding the service.

Schedule a Massage Session

You body needs to relax, and it needs to do that according to the time you choose. Feel free to book a session online.

The Flow Raynor Massage Website

An online contact form is available on the website. Drop in an inquiry, and your questions will be duly answered.

The main locations where I do massages



A Passionate Massage Therapist

Ever since I was a child, I sought to massage as many people as I could. At first it was because I wanted to, but later in life I discovered how a massage can help people, how it helps them relax, how it helps against medical conditions such as depression and anxiety, relieve stress, and benefit the physical health of an individual as well. Now, looking back, I have come a long way as a registered Raynor Massage Therapist, but my passion for it has never deteriorated. On the contrary, I feel more enthusiastic than ever before!


Massage Services in Hackney, Islington and and I can come to your home to provide my excellent massage service.

I have always believed in one universal truth regarding providing massages. That the body is a dispensary of information and guidance as to what you need, whether it is rest, foodstuffs, or a Flow Raynor Massage service to come to your door. From physical to emotional, or even mental, the body is an indicator of the problems and potential solutions. In fact, the human body is so efficient, that the human mind fails to keep up at times, not even realising just how stress or mentally and emotionally exhausted one is or can be. This can have a draining effect on the body, where what it communicates gets constantly ignored, until the situation exacerbates.

I, as a massage therapist, am trained not only to recognise what the body communicates, but to dole out a treatment for it as well. The close linkage between the body and mind do mean that one suffers with the other, but at the same time, they also heal together, and end up complementing each other. I am proud to say that my massage service can be offered to anyone and everyone in Hackney, Islington. Do not hesitate to call in times of stress, because our masseuse will come to you at your convenience!


It was my first time I've done deep tissue massage and I enjoyed it a lot. It really moved the energy all through my body and after I felt more balanced and so to say moved in the right direction. I highly recommend it and will come back.


The massage really relieved the stress from my muscles. I train 6days a week at the gym and the sports massage really helped. I highly recommend. The venue is a little tricky to find but it is well worth it.


Quality Massage. I would come back again. Felt like a spring chicken.


Ilham was really good! I feel really better after her therapy..i will come back for sure. Thank you 🙏


Exceptionally good massage - great at finding all the knots and really working them out! Thank you sooo much, will definitely come back.


Ilham was absolutely wonderful; thorough, experienced and supremely calming. Booked last minute as I’d had terrible stress-related back pain and she basically saved my day! Absolute hero. Would recommend in a heartbeat!


I had a fantastic massage. After weeks of bad sleep (small baby), stress headaches and neck related pains I went to have a massage with Ilham. She was brilliant. The massage was firm, thorough and incredibly effective. Not only did I leave relaxed, but after sleeping better than I had for a long time, but the pains that had been plaguing me for weeks were gone! I highly recommend her.


The massage was a great experience, I felt really better after. With
Ilham I felt in a safe space and the massage was excellent! Impressive experience!


I had my first deep tissue Raynor massage this week. It was fantastic. I left feeling energies and deeply relaxed at the same time. I would highly recommend it.


It was such a great massage, it was really energising and my back muscles feel so much more relaxed and the tension has definitely was such a wonderful massage, it was so unique, it included my whole body meaning that the tension in my hands and feet were also relived. The whole experience was relaxing. I would recommend Raynor Massage for anyone who is looking for stress relieving through out the whole body.