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Wedding Album Designs

You shoot. We will handle the rest.

Our image post-processing services assist photographers who would rather devote less time in front of the computer and more time working on their business. To make your clients and their photographs look their best, we also offer an image retouching service for photographers.

Count on Avii Album Designs for your photo enhancement! We don’t just fix images; we bring out the best in them! Our professional photo editing services include photo repair, portrait retouching, old photo restoration, color correction, object removal, blemish removal, background effects and so much more. Our photo retouching services fit different budgets and different needs.

Whether you need to scrap thousands of wedding images or correct color hundreds of photos from a portrait session, we have got your back! Say cheerio to photo processing and all the headaches it came with. Let our professional post-processing team handle your photography needs and everything beyond. Here at Avii Album Designs, our basic edit is perfect if you require minor adjustments in your images while our Extended Edit is recommended if you require a preset, HSL adjustments or just need that extra “oomph” with effects.

Designing Poster

Posters are a potentially genius way to get your message across. It is the graphical appeal of this promotional tool, which contributes to its success. No wonder posters are a favorite in offline marketing! We, at Avii Album Designs, are known for creating poster designs for various kinds of businesses. Whether you are launching a new service or product or announcing an event, our poster design services can meet your expectations with full flair.

We believe that posters can impart a great influence on the minds of people as they have a wide reach. Our skilled poster designers craft such posters that coerce people to give them a second glance. With captivating color schemes, the right tone of voice, and an ideal layout, we ensure flawless rendition of your messages to the target clients. We use the latest insights into the prevailing trends to help you cater to the demands of your clients while staying ahead in the competition.

Posters from Avii Album Designs are an ideal marketing tool if you want to send a message across to your audience.


Why this ad-tool has endured all these years is because of its irresistible visual appeal and concise representation of messages. Avii Album Designs offers attractive flyers that ensure the successful marketing of your offers, products, and services cost-effectively. Our expert flyer design services help you encourage your business and announce events, exactly the way you want.

Driven by the intention to help you secure customers, we work towards motivating an instant purchasing decision. With classy designs, crisp content, and colorful images in a small marketing tool, we make sure that your audience can read your flyer in a jiffy and make an instant buying decision. Whether you wish to invite visitors to the launch of your business, announce the change in management in your business or declare new offers, we can lend a helping hand. Whether it is about using the latest techniques, staying updated about the most recent trends or understanding the pulse of the client, we can compete with anyone in the industry.

We put to work with cutting-edge tools and techniques to bring forth customized flyers that appeal to your very senses. We concentrate on crafting innovative flyer design for corporates, real estate, clubs, and more. Meant to be used as handouts, leaflets, letterbox drops, magazine inserts, or counter displays, our flyers are available in various paper finishes, such as glossy, uncoated, and more.


Creative banners are a great way to boost your sales if you put necessary and informative content along with images in it. We provide high-quality website banner design services for your business. Our highly skilled and creative minded team of web designers are capable of delivering your banner designs as per your concept. We offer abundant banner design samples, giving you plenty of options to choose from. We are backed by modern technology, high creativity level, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Thank You Cards

Express your gratitude in style with an elegant and personalized thank you card made of cardstock. Depending on how much you want to say, you can choose between smaller to larger sizes – we have a large selection of sized for you to choose from. Add a personal touch to your cards by choosing one of the many custom design options such as a matte or glossy – we have them all.

Guest Book

You’ve paid particular attention to every last detail of your wedding so don’t miss this opportunity to engage your wedding guests! With an interactive wedding guest book, your guests can leave handwritten notes and well wishes for you and your groom. It’s not only a creative way to show off your engagement photos, but it’s also something that you will cherish for years to come!

Our interactive guest books are beautifully designed with prompted engaging questions your guests will have a great time answering.


The logo is what gives your brand individuality. It is a way for your audience to recognize your brand. Therefore, if you wish for your brand to stick out from the crowd, you need to have a catchy logo. That is exactly what we offer! We listen to your objectives, your needs, mission, and goals to get an understanding about the perfect logo for your business. You can always rely on our competency to come up with an ideal design that marks the name of your business.

We can give you a logo that you can proudly use on your letterheads, websites, business cards, etc. Our custom logo design is an unmatchable blend of style and skill, which is adept at drawing attention and raising curiosity about your brand. When you entrust us with the charge to design your company’s logo, you may invest your time in other core matters of your business without worry.

Our team of expert logo designers makes sure that your company gets an insignia that communicates your business message quickly and attractively.